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1) Is the Reformation in the Bible?
2) What are Nephilim?

3) When was Satan ejected from Heaven? 

4) Did God command the land to rest?
5) Do aliens exist?
6) Is time travel possible?

7) Why can't I see God? 





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Common Questions


​​Read REST UNTO THE LAND and learn what BIBLE CHRONOLOGY is and why you need to understand it. Have you ever wondered why the Bible has so many references to days, weeks, months and years?  REST UNTO THE LAND answers these questions. Have you ever wondered why the Bible is not in chronological order? Did you know the Bible has real dates in it?

Read REST UNTO THE LAND and get the answers.  

What is the Millennial Sabbath?

​​Read REST UNTO THE LAND and learn the scope of God's plan for the Earth. REST UNTO THE LAND integrates Bible history and end time events. It unveils the coherence and the common sense of Bible chronology and provides real evidence that the Bible is God's word. It puts all the pieces together into a clear, complete, and consistently beautiful picture. Read REST UNTO THE LAND and discover a new appreciation  of Bible truth. 

How will the Hebrew Feasts be fulfilled?

​The answers are in the book FULFILLED IN THEIR SEASON. The spring feasts have been fulfilled. Pentecost has been fulfilled. Discover from the Bible exactly how the Fall Feasts will be fulfilled.

Did Jesus Drink Alcohol?

​The book GOOD FOR FOOD has the answer!! Jesus demonstrates the proper response to drugs.

What is the Beast?

​Read the book TRY THE SPIRITS. Find out the mysteries of the Beast and its many heads. Know the mark of the Beast. In these times, you need this information!

Does radiometric dating show the age of the Earth?

​The book ALL THINGS CONTINUE compares physics and the Bible.

Who is the Antichrist?

​Read the book TRY THE SPIRITS. Is the antichrist a man? Can he be identified? Discover the antichrist.  

Did You Know...

The color of Jesus' skin is jasper.
God created an outer darkness in the first week of creation.
The Church Age will span exactly 2,000 years.
The Church Age started when Paul was converted.
Satan used Eve to tempt Adam.
​Tithing started with Adam.
The Bible references the exact date of 27AD.
​A security door exists between Heaven and Earth.
​Jesus was baptized when He was 30 years old.
​Exactly 2,000 years after Adam's first sin, Abraham was born.
​God commanded the Earth to rest every 7th year.
Adam first sinned in 3967BC.
​Jesus was born as a human in the Fall season.
​Adam and Eve had children before they sinned.
​Abraham was born in 1967BC.
​Sin on Earth began in the Fall season.
​The 1st day of creation was the 1st day of Spring.
​Adam and Eve spent 8.5 years in the Garden of Eden.
Noah's flood happened in the year 2319BC.
The Exodus happened in the year 1462BC.
Paul was converted in the year 34AD.

​Exactly 2,000 years after Abraham was born, Paul was converted.
​Jesus is God.

Is the Reformation in the Bible?

Which day is God's Sabbath?

Can science and the Bible both be right?

What happened in the Garden of Eden?

Are men and women equal?

Will we eat in Heaven?

Is the Bible too hard to understand?

What is the Outer Darkness?

What was Nailed to the Cross?

Do Christians go to Heaven at death?

Once Saved, Always Saved?

Why is there so much blood in the Bible?

Amazing study! Watched over 3,000 times! Did Adam and Eve have blood in their veins?