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Get the book REASON OF THE HOPE. It answers the Bible challenge: Be ready to provide the reason of the hope which is in your heart. As with other books on this site, it is thought provoking and inspirational. Here's an excerpt: "Creation must be viewed from God’s perspective not humanity’s. Carl Sagan was famous for his view that the Earth was a small, insignificant speck in the universe, and he applied that insignificance to the entire universe. Carl Sagan often stressed that the Earth was not the center of the universe. He was correct because God is the center of the universe. However, he was wrong to apply his experiences and prejudices as universal laws. Such assumptions place humanity, or at the very least Carl Sagan, at the center of the universe. Contrary to such convenient assumptions, what humanity observes cannot automatically be extended to the entire universe. Humanity is locked in a prison and will not be able to observe the rest of creation beyond the prison walls until God allows it."




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Watch these videos! they give a summary of the book REST UNTO THE LAND. The 6,000 years is real and exact!

REST UNTO THE LAND cites the Bible as God’s Word. With that starting point, it navigates from Genesis to the Gospels and uncovers a remarkable and coherent timeline. This timeline puts Earth's history into a clear framework. Discover the logic that God put in His Word. You've thought the Bible had about 6,000 years in its history. NOW, you can prove it!

The Great Enlightening

REST UNTO THE LAND is the first book in The Great Enlightening series.

​It is the foundational key for reading the other books.

You definitely want to read this book first.

​The next book is Fulfilled in Their Season. It builds upon the first book. It provides greater support for the first book, and highlights the importance of the seasons in God's plan of redemption.

​The third book is All Things Continue. It tackles head-on the opponents of the Bible. It delineates the assumptions made by modern science. It exposes the sloppy science and math behind radiometric dating, which is the flagship for claims that the Earth is billions of years old.

​The fourth book is Try the Spirits. This book is a must-read for people who are wondering about the antichrist and the beast of Revelation. It clearly exposes the role of the antichrist in the end times.

​The fifth book in the series is Reason of the Hope. This book outlines how the Bible came to be. It demonstrates which version of the Bible is best. It also provides an overview of the past and current Seventh-day Adventist Church.

​These five books should be read in sequence because each book builds upon the previous books.

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